Thursday, August 20, 2015

Game Audio Jam

After playing some games in the GameBoy Jam 4, I wanted to try organizing my own jam. Since sites like GameJolt and provide the framework for that, I thought I'd go for it.

I chose to do it on GameJolt for no particular reason other than I'm more familiar with the site. Starting the game jam is really easy. You just pick a name and corresponding hashtag and start writing rules, adding pages and resources.

I picked Game Audio as the topic because I haven't seen a jam that explicitly focuses on sounds and music. It is interesting to see what kind of cool audio experiences people can create.

The challenge in the beginning is to find people to join. The link has been shared on Twitter and Reddit during the first 2 days since creation and shows promise, people seem interested in the topic. Another challenge is that I picked a time possibly too close to bigger jams. People might have exhausted their creativity in Ludum Dare, which starts this weekend. To compensate that, I gave participants 3 weeks time to finish the game and started promoting the jam a week ahead of starting time.

The jam starts 26th of August 2015. Anyone can join and if your sound skills are rusty or non-existent, use the jam to learn more.

See the rules here:

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