Sunday, March 2, 2014

Year In Gamedev's Life (YIGL) - February summary

This is the February post of YIGL. Previous post: January summary.

First things first, Zunyrook the Sci-Fi RPG is doing well. I have developed a dialogue system which is still quite naive but we're getting there. I also experimented with GameMaker Studio on how it could improve my productivity. I cooked up the same basis for the game in a week so it promises well. However, optimizing the game can get tricky the more areas I add so I must now make pros and cons and choose whether I want to continue with LibGDX or GameMaker. I kinda like them both but from a different perspective.

During February I also published my first game. I made it while I was learning the GameMaker interface so it's really simple and a clone of millions of similar games. The idea was to test the publishing process, advertisement, feedback, etc.

I will write a more detailed blog post of that process later. You can download Stellar Alley from the Google Play store. The background on the logo is an excerpt of a photo of the Magellanic Clouds.

Game development continues with Zunyrook RPG and a couple of other games I have in mind. Hopefully I'll have more screenshots in the March post. Thanks for reading!